Sorry (and thanks for the support) if anyone has been browsing this page in this period looking for new content. The last post was uploaded in the beginning of 2020 and I’ve been putting my efforts in other stuff since then and don’t see any need to get deeper in this matter. After a long time I’m returning to write here.

My main objective of this website/blog/endeavour is still on documenting my studies on embedded development, learning new tools, techniques and help other doing so in the journey.

This robot will probably have another purpose than proposed before, a long time has passed and this challenge does not motivate me much anymore. Since the hardware will stay the same and the resources connected to it as well, that decision is not so important right now.

For now the idea is returning to code and write about development of drivers and libraries, while integrating TDD in the workflow. For the future, probably adding a FreeRTOS or even learning how to use one that I’ve never tried like Zephyr.

I’ve been using more Python lately, learning about databases, MQTT and other technologies, so maybe I’ll come to a cool idea that integrates a lot of stuff and makes (a bit of) sense. That may result in bringing a few diverse topics around here.

I intend to post more regularly, although not sticking to an interval for now, let me first get the momentum back and see at which speed it takes me.

New content uploaded (probably) in the next week!

Matheus Marques

"Keep safe and healthy!"